Comcast is Charging Me Twice for the Same Service


Published: 01/06/2017

by Brandon Stone


Several months ago I started receiving a bill at my buisness office for Comcast TV service.  I've been a comcast customer for well over ten years and have always had one bill with one account number, which covers my office TVs and internet service. Upon further review, the bill I received was for residential TV service at my business address.  Figuring it was just a computer error, I called Comcast, thinking I would have the issue resolved within minutes.  After nearly an hour, talking with several employees and supervisors at both the business and residential offices, I was basically told there was nothing that could be done.  Here's what I learned.

At some point a few months ago, according to Comcast, a former employee who left on good terms over 10 years ago, setup a new account for my business.  Yet, if this isn't strange enough, Comcast couldn't tell me why THEY setup a residental account at a business address. They even whent so far as to tell me that the TV package that I was being billed for wasn't even available for my address. Furthermore, Comcast told me this service should not have been set up; however, as it was clearly done, it was evidently ok for them to allow anyone to call in and setup service on behalf of my business.  I told them they were full of shit and no one setup a new account.  This is their error, not mine.  So after speaking with just about everyone who works at Comcast, I was told I had to take a copy of the bill to a local Comcast office to dispute it.  Really!?! Comcast corporate can't resolve this issue?  After a few more choice words, I was transferred to the fraud department.  At this point, I don't think I was even listening any more but do remember them saying something about this being a fraudulent account and once again, I would have to find a local comcast center to dispute the bill.  They could not and would not just deactivate the fraudulent account.

Fast forward about 10 days and, while still fuming about being billed twice for the same service, I had not yet taken care of the fraudulent account at my local comcast office.  Shame on me because Comcast suspended my TV service for non-payment.  Mind you, I'm being billed twice for TV service and it was paid for through my business account.  So, not wanting to miss an episode of Pawn Stars while I worked, I went ahead and paid the past due balance for the residential service.  I figured it would only further my case when Comcast actually accepted payment on the fraudulent account that they themselves created.  Shortly after payment was made (for the 2nd time), TV service was restored.

Anyone else having a similar issue with Comcast?  Any ideas?  Class action lawsuit?